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How has your overall experience been with Lucas Entertainment?
Overall experience has been great, traveled more than I ever have and met a lot of good friends. Along with having good sex with hot guys!!!

How have you felt about the communication?
Communication has been great, more so since Bo has started. But it’s always been awesome. Knowing when your scene is starting and what day you're working is a big stress reliever.

How did you feel about your screen direction when shooting?
Screen direction is amazing, Steve is great and every production he learns a little more about the models and how they work, which makes everything flow smoothly!

How was it to work with Michael Lucas?
Michael is amazing as well, i am still very impressed every production with him staying so calm and in charge when there’s so much stuff to remember and to be taken care of.

How was it to work with the Production Staff?
Production staff has been great, Steve, Bo, all the others have not ever made me think twice about signing exclusive with Lucas.

Were you happy with your scenes and the way they were promoted?
Very happy with my scenes and scene partners, I haven't had a scene where it felt like a job yet! Every scene I have done is very fun and enjoyable.

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