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How has your overall experience been with Lucas Entertainment?
My experience with Lucas Entertainment was good. They treated me in a very professional manner and it was a nice start in building my career in this industry.

How have you felt about the communication?
The entire team has been very good to me. I’ve never had any problems or miscommunications while working with them.

How did you feel about your screen direction when shooting?
I felt very secure and relaxed with no pressure.

How was it to work with Michael Lucas?
Working with him as director was a great experience. I learned things that are still helpful.

How was it to work with the Production Staff?
The LE team is very professional. It’s a very relaxed atmosphere, which in return made for a great shoot.

Were you happy with your scenes and the way they were promoted?
I am happy with my work with Lucas Entertainment and I have no complaints with my scenes.

How do you feel about Lucas Entertainment’s PR and Marketing?
The marketing was good and the movies were very successful.

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